About Us

Stride Physical Therapy, P.C.

Our goal was to create a Physical Therapy experience of the utmost quality and benefit

To stride is to take longer steps, to cross an obstacle, it is also to make positive gains towards your goals. In Physical Therapy it is important to have a thorough evaluation and have sufficient time for all the many hands on and therapeutic exercises that lead to improved function.

At Stride we aim to create an environment for the optimal physical therapy experience.

Time is precious.

There are no wait times; you will be seen at the scheduled time of your appointment.

Quality of care

All patients receive sufficient time for one on one hands on therapy, every session.


We accept most major health Insurance, and have affordable private rates.

Skilled Therapy

All therapists at Stride have strong manual skills and use the most cutting edge and evidence based methods to achieve your goals.

People first!

Everyone is treated as a person first then a patient. We understand that every person who steps through our door is unique in many ways including their physical ailments.