Percussion Therapy

A new breakthrough in massage therapy that treats patients with soft tissue pain. It helps accelerate the growth of tissues and repairs them by providing strong, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. To simplify, with this treatment patients receive rapid percussive tapping that then increases blood flow to the treatment area. This action helps relieve pain and can increase range of motion and function.

Percussive massage and muscle stimulation are beneficial in a variety of medical applications. For people post-surgery, a percussive massage can breakdown internal scar tissue. Venous and lymphatic circulation is also increased from this type of massage treatment.

For those who have muscle spasms or feel stiffness in certain areas, percussive massages can help by elongating muscle fibers. This both relaxes muscles and fascia, thus preventing future spasms from occurring. Additionally, percussive massages can help with muscle stiffness. Stiffness can occur when muscles do not receive enough blood flow. With a percussive massage, blood flow can be increased, relaxing stiff muscles.

Percussive massage is a great massage therapy choice for those who want a faster recovery from injuries and surgery. Please consult your doctor or specialist if you think Percussive Massage Therapy is best for you.