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"I've been working with Stride ever since my second knee replacement in 2017. Now I'm also working on my shoulders since I discovered I have severe arthritis in both of them. The exercise and massage program that Stride has given me has improved my extension and strength in my shoulders. The work I've done with my knees has also improved their strength and flexibility. I highly recommend Stride for any physical therapy needs. Jonathan Cohen has a highly trained, educated, and caring group of therapists working with him. He's helped me put my body back together! "
Oct 19, 2018
"So glad my podiatrist referred me to Stride. Using massage, exercises and icing, Jonathan and Arlene expertly teamed up to heal the pain in my feet. Great listeners who take great care in their work. Stride made it easy to schedule appointments and respected my time -- always being ready when I arrived. The space is great --a renovated loft space that's bright, airy and immaculate. "
Apr 04, 2018


Excellent, efficient, friendly atmosphere. From not being able to lift my arm. By this 3rd visit, motion almost 90%! Jonathan Cohen is very knowledgable and professional.

Toni H.

I saw Jonathan for about a year when I was suffering from sports injuries. Under his care and guidance I was able to run my 10th marathon and compete in a bunch of triathlons. He is a GREAT physical therapist and a great guy overall. I highly recommend Stride PT!!

Melissa S.

I have seen tons of other PT's, none compare to the custom care and attention I've gotten at Stride. I recommend them to everyone.

Giancarlo V.

I went to PT school with Jonathan and even back then he stood out as the smartest, most effective student in our program. We all knew he'd be incredible.

Atara S.

Jonathan and his team are top professionals. I was in so much pain and got excellent care and follow up treatment.

Sean Lyons D.

As a physician who has referred patients to Jonathan, I can report this with confidence.

Vincent E.

This place is awesome. I broke a bone in my foot and then developed severe muscle pain around it which was affecting my daily life. Doctors kept telling me that the bone had healed well and therefore I was fine, and that I should just rest. I became skeptical and went to Stride, and I'm so glad I did. From my first visit, Jonathan and his staff actually listened, took my pain seriously and knew exactly what I needed. I have experienced significant improvement and have been able to ease back into my normal active routine. Having an injury is stressful, but coming here is not. Thank you!!!

Juliette S.

Park Podiatry has Stride on their list of recommended sports therapists and when the Dynasplint failed to do the job, therapy it was. I researched quite a bit but ultimately made an appointment with Stride a few months after having preventative bunion and rotated toe surgery - a problem that was discovered and exacerbated by marathon training back in 2009. Well, after a sedentary lifestyle and much weight gain, these pros got me back to my once-fit self. Aware of my goals of jogging and reversing my inactivity, Jonathan worked hard to get my foot's strength and flexibility back in order and once I got the doctor's green light to exercise, Chris got me back in the game of exercising and handled my personal training. All told, Stride was the best tag team ever for getting me back on target. I've since lost 20 lbs and my foot's a machine as is the rest of me.

If you're committed these guys will take you far and if you're looking to improve mobility from a sports injury or other then Stride Physical Therapy is AWESOME! They're not just physical therapy but also personal training and more depending on your goals.

THANKS guys!


This is a wonderful place to take your not so perfect body for repair and improvement. Jonathan Cohen and staff are so patient, non-judgmental and know what they are doing. They also understood the effects of stress in my life and Jonathan would remind me not to rush - it crunches me up and can lead to or add onto my difficulties. As I get older, I need to incorporate life style changes so that I can live safely and comfortably. A big thank you to them.

Estelle H.

I was referred to physical therapy for plantar fasciitis and when the place I had gone to before couldn't see me for a few weeks, I looked around and found Stride. I'm very glad I did. Jonathan and Chris work really well together to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. The treatments were excellent and they were always happy to show me how to do a particular exercise multiple times to make sure I was doing it correctly. Jonathan does excellent massage work, which really helped my condition improve (in combination with me doing all the stretches at home regularly).

Scheduling appointments was easy - there were always times available that worked with my schedule. I highly recommend Jonathan for PT and will definitely return if I need PT in the future.

Holly W.

I cannot say enough good things about Jonathan and the whole crew at Stride. Jonathan really knows his stuff and has really helped me manage my chronic neck and back pain. You can tell that everyone there is really invested in helping you feel better. The atmosphere is low-key and there is a great, comfortable vibe that is a haven for me from my often stressful job. I actually look forward to my visits. Try them--you will not regret it.

Marina L.

I have gone to many physical therapists, and most of them are indistinguishable from each other. This time, I found Jonathan at Stride, and it has been a different, and totally positive experience. Jonathan works carefully and does a great deal of hands on work. He knows his material, is helpful, relaxed, and confident in his knowledge that he can help you. His confidence is deserved. He is good!! Very recommended.

Helen B.

Love Jonathan and Chris. They are a great pair and have helped my condition immensely. If only I had time to go 3 times a week as recommended. The facility is clean, modern and with everything you need to rehab your body.

Lola Emery D.

Stride makes physical therapy an enjoyable experience. While the treatments were sometimes painful, Jonathan and Chris are fun to work with, making each visit something to look forward to and not dread.

They were great at listening and trying to pinpoint the source of the problem, as well as providing exercises to work on during sessions as well as at home. I always felt that I was given personal attention, and they really cared about me getting better, and just as a person.

Stephanie K.